Vitamin D3 Skin Patches - Preview Pack (8 Patches)

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Vitamin Injections London's Vitamin D3 Patches are slow-release adhesive skin patches. They provide 12 hours of continuous D3 supplementation, delivered directly into the bloodstream. They're the ideal choice for those who wish to improve their health, mood and energy levels from the inside out.

Quantity per pack:

8 x Skin Patches Per Pack: 1 Week's Supply




Each Vitamin D3 Skin Patch provides all the health benefits of Vitamin D3. Since obtaining adequate sunlight exposure is neither easy nor safe, the Vitamin D3 Patch allows you to overcome Vitamin D deficiency; a condition that plagues a large segment of the population. Vitamin D3 promotes a healthy immune system and aids the absorption of calcium, which is essential for bone health.



5000 IU Vitamin D3 (Cod liver oil extract), and 250mg Magnesium.


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