Glutathione Skin Patches (30 Patches)

110.00 GBP

Achieve maximum absorption of antioxidants and vitamins with our Glutathione Patch (The Attracta Beauty Award 2018 Finalist), a 24-hour transdermal skin patch which delivers pure glutathione and vitamin C directly into the bloodstream.

Quantity per pack:

30 x Glutathione Patches Per Pack: 1 Month's Supply




Glutathione is an antioxidant that improves the efficacy of other vital antioxidants in our bodies. Scientific studies show that its efficacy is greatly enhanced when combined with vitamin C, which is an otherwise fast-depreciating reserve in our bodies that require continual supplementation. Each Glutathione Patch ensures that this dynamic duo provides a serious energy boost and wards off illnesses.



250 MG Glutathione, 50 MG Vitamin C.


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