Glutathione Detox Patch & B Complex Patch Set (1 Week's Supply)

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Boost your energy, beat fatigue and improve your immune function with our combo set of Glutathione Weekly Detox Patches and Vitamin B Complex Patches. Our slow-release adhesive skin patches provide up to 24 hours of continuous B Complex, Glutathione and Vitamin C supplementation, delivered directly into the bloodstream, making them the ideal choice for those wishing to improve their health, mood and energy levels from the inside out.

Vitamin B Complex plays an important role in the human body's metabolism, supporting the brain and nervous system. It also boosts physical vitality while reducing ‘brain fog’. Stress and alcohol can deplete the body’s Vitamin B reserves so it’s especially important in these instances to restore balance.

When combined with Vitamin C, Glutathione, also known as the ‘master antioxidant’ aids body detoxification at optimum levels and alleviates anti-ageing concerns.

Vitamin B Complex supports Glutathione production, while Vitamin C enables the body to recycle the Glutathione, so wearing both sets of patches daily, is the ideal combination for achieving enhanced energy boosting and body detoxification results.


Our B Complex Patches help you replenish depleted vitamin reserves and achieve better physical and psychological health, complementing the overall cleansing benefits of our Glutathione Weekly Detox Patches.



The set includes

1 x Glutathione Weekly Detox Patches (6 Patches) - £45

1 x Vitamin B Complex Trial Size (8 Patches) - £19.99



250 MG Glutathione, 50 MG Vitamin C.


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