Featured in Glamour Magazine UK - Celebrities with the glowiest skin can't stop smearing blood across their faces, and it seems they're onto something...

“…There is a "bloodless vampire" procedure. It’s a similar process, but uses a plant-based stem cell serum. It's incredibly effective and can help with acne scarring, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Fancy trying it out? Vitamin Injections London offers both the traditional and bloodless versions of the treatment…”Read More!

Featured in Mother, Baby & Child Magazine (UAE) - A New Way to Take Supplements from Vitamin Injections London

“…Vitamin Injections London's Vitamin B12 Patches are slow-release adhesive skin patches. These patchesprovide 12 hours of continuous B12 supplementation, delivered directly into the bloodstream. …”

Featured in Woman’s Own Magazine - Good For You!

“…Have you heard about…a jab to cure jet lag? Clinics in London and Kent are offering clients a Vitality Shot, packed with Vitamin C, A,D and B, designed to boost the immune and nervous system when travelling…”

FEATURED IN Grazia Magazine - Prize for Letters Page Winners

“…The letter of the week winner wins £150 worth of Vitamin Patches from Vitamin Injections London. Developed by experts in vitamin nutrient therapy. These B12, B Compex and D3 Patches deliver 90% of their active ingredients directly into the wearer’s bloodstream for optimum health…”

FEATURED IN Pikes Hotel Magazine (Spain) - Take Her Name in Vein

“…Bianca Estelle will perk you right up. The vitamin injection queen and skin specialist of over 15 years experience is the person to see if you need a little pick me up, a b12 boost or a whole host of other treatments…”

FEATURED IN Grazia Magazine - The Sun Supplement

“…4. Vitamin Injections London, Vitamin D3 Patches, £49.99…”

FEATURED IN Women’s Health Magazine (UAE) - Your Summer Gift Guide - Vitamin Booster

…Give yourself a vitamin boost with the Vitamin D3 Patches from Vitamin Injections London…

FEATURED IN THE TELEGRAPH UK - How magnesium can improve your skin - from anti-ageing to adult acne

“…Magnesium deficiency also results in lower levels of fatty acids on the skin," advises Vernon. This reduces elasticity and moisture and creates the perfect condition for dryness and lack of tone. And more wrinkles. “Glutathione levels often peak as we hit our twenties so it’s important to co...

FEATURED IN TEMPUS MAGAZINE ONLINE - Vitamin Injections London Founder Bianca Estelle on why they are the future

“…I think consumers and brands are finally getting their heads around layering technology [using multiple products at one time] and this will continue to develop. I also envisage beauty from the inside-out gaining popularity. The wellness industry is growing so vastly that consumers are becomi...


“…Move over Vitamin Pills - go for a patch! Try Glutathione Vitamin Patches (£110), a month’s supply( We Love…” 

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